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House Juggling Is Not An Olympic Sport

Everyone has heard of that homeowner who had to leave town before they could sell their house.

It can happen for a variety of reasons. 

They end up juggling the responsibility of their old house and their new home.

have to sell home fast for cash

Sometimes it is because of great news, like being offered a dream job across the country. There may be a moving allowance attached and help to find a new place, but often these opportunities don’t wait three to six months for the homeowner to sell the old house. 

Or sometimes it is the joy of getting married and moving to their spouse’s city. Who would want to wait to sell the old house to do that? 

Other times it could be due to something tragic, like an illness or a death in the family. Sometimes a homeowner has to uproot and to move to help their family cope through a long-term struggle.

If you own a property and have already moved out of the house or live outside the area, you are probably too busy to manage a vacant property. It is nothing to be embarrassed about. You are not alone. Handling a remote property is not easy. It can actually be extremely difficult and even risky.

In many areas, professional thieves target vacant properties specifically and regularly. They make their unscrupulous living by stealing valuable copper piping and wires or utility units from air conditioners or heating systems. They can strip cabinets from the walls and take down lighting fixtures. They might remove the plumbing fixtures. They may even vandalize the property when they’re done.

But that is not the worst of it. 

have to sell home fast for cash no squatters

Transients or drug addicts may break in and squat in your property! 

Do you think they wouldn’t invade because you’ve turned off the electricity and the water? No problem! These people are very resourceful!

They can steal water from the hose of your neighbor’s house and use it in your house. Wherever they want. They don’t have to worry because they are not responsible for the damages. They can light a fire in your house to keep warm. No fireplace? No problem! They can pick any room and build an impromptu fire pit. They don’t care because they know the house is vacant. 

Once they have damaged the house too much, they just move on.

have to sell home fast for cash

Imagine receiving a call from authorities that your old house has been turned into a make-shift Meth Lab!

There are tons of things about a vacant property that command your attention. When you can’t be there to keep a proper eye on it, your asset can quickly deteriorate and turn into a liability.

When that happens you’re not only losing money and having to pay for repairs, but more of your time is being tied up in insurance claims and paperwork. You may even be criminally responsible! 

On top of it all, you risk all the liabilities that are not covered by your standard home owner’s insurance policy because the property is no longer occupied. If you didn’t tell your insurer the property was vacant, they might deny your claim, or worse, cancel your policy altogether. 

That is only part of it. Your uncovered losses can be just a drop in the bucket compared to the lawsuits you can face if someone gets injured on the property. Even if they are squatting.

need to sell house now for cash no agentsDo you plan on renting that property?

Being a landlord is not as easy as it seems. It is certainly not a lifestyle that works for everyone.

You’ve probably heard about how easy it is to rent out a house. Well, sure, it is easy. The hard part is finding someone who is responsible, hasn’t lied on their application and will pay every month. Renting to a tenant doesn’t mean the tenant will take care of your property.

Remember, there are a lot of people on the rental market because they lost their homes. They may be bitter, or angry. And let’s be plain: losing a house is not the most responsible act. Your house is not their house! You might luck out and get some great responsible people or they may bust the place up. 

They may not clean up after their pets – inside or out. If they have poor cleaning habits, that might attract bugs or vermin to your property. Or they could just wear the property down by abusing the plumbing, dinging the walls, and scratching the floors. Renters can be rough. 

Do you really want that call at two in the morning because the toddler flushed a rubber duck down the toilet and the water is cascading down the stairs?

If you think that getting a property manager will solve everything, it may. For a hefty price! Good property managers don’t come cheap. Furthermore, they will probably only go to pick up the rent and refer service people. They may not see damage to your property until it is too late. 

By that time, it may cost you thousands to repair the damage or worse, the tenant has skipped out leaving you to clean up the mess and look for new tenants at the same time. In the meantime, your house sits empty and you have even more work to supervise.

Even if your favorite neighbor has come through for you and agreed to keep an eye on your property, you certainly wouldn’t want to risk her running into a group of unscrupulous thieves and get knocked down or worse. New tenants may not invite her over if they feel your neighbor is spying on them. It makes for an uncomfortable dynamic on both sides.

If your property sits vacant and you are looking to sell, time is of the essence. 

need to sell house now for cash no agents

Sell it quickly! 

Remember that for every month you hang on to that property, you have to pay the mortgage and insurance – and maybe even utilities if it is a very hot or very cold time of the year. 

When a house is vacant, buyers may think there is something wrong with it. What is that going to cost you to hold that empty house for six months – or a year until the right buyer comes along? Do you think you will make that back as the house sits on the market for months, becoming stigmatized?

At Turn My House To SOLD, we come to agreements quickly and close even faster. That is an ideal situation for an empty house. No open houses announcing to complete strangers that your house is empty. There are no agents involved. You don’t need to fix up your property. No Hassles.

In many cases, we can pay cash for the property and close without any restrictions or approval processes from lenders or banks, so you can go on with your life.

If you have come to the realization that it is time to sell right now to have a better life, but your house isn’t ready for the traditional market, we can help. We are ready to buy your house right now!

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