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Time for a White Christmas!

Most people love to decorate for the holidays. It creates a bright, cheery atmosphere to entertain friends and family. It can also pose some challenges for people who want to sell their house.

Everybody knows that when selling your house, clutter is supposed to be eliminated to make the house appear more neutral and larger. Yet most people still want to enjoy the holiday traditions - even when selling their house. 

Sadly, some holiday decorations can overwhelm a room and make a house look small and cluttered. In addition, all the pretty colors and sparkle could distract your buyers from actually looking at your house!

how to sell house now
Colorful decorations can overpower a room and feel heavy

So, if colorful decorations can be overwhelming and look chaotic, how can a seller decorate for the holidays without overwhelming a buyer, or making the house look small?

Most experts will say to keep decorations to a bare minimum. This is very good advice for most people, but if this is your last Christmas in your house, that advice is a little hard to take! For families with young children, this may be even more difficult to adhere to. Young children may not understand why the house is bare. They may think Santa forgot them! No one wants that!

What if there was another way to decorate your house that was less overpowering?

Time for a White Christmas!

how to sell house now

A wonderful solution to discrete holiday decorating is to use white decorations. They are chic, light and airy. They are still very festive and when used with a touch of silver can be very magical and sophisticated. Using one neutral color will be less of a distraction to buyers!

Not convinced?

Here are some curated images to help you see the beauty of this idea and be inspired to create your own look!

This image of white decorations illustrates the idea of white decorations perfectly!

There is a lot going on in this photo:

The fully decorated tree
The reindeer
The polar bear
The white boxes, and 
The mantel's floral and candelabra decorations

Yet it feels bright and sophisticated. 

The eye takes it in as a whole scene, and extends the theme to the houses' own architectural features: the white mantel and moldings.

Still think there is no difference between an all white and colored decorations? Take a look and consider these three multi colored trees. 

The first tree is truly multicolored while the second tree focuses on red, green and gold. These trees are lovely, but they would dominate any space with their bright colors and shine.

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The third tree is designed in a monochromatic scheme of blues. It 's range is from turquoise to a deep and gorgeous blue. This tree is very similar in the style of decoration to the last one, and yet the turquoise and blue seems much more massive and draws more attention than the white one. 

Compare all the trees and notice how the white one still appears very festive and yet looks less obtrusive. That is a very important feature if you want your buyers to focus on your house and not  your tree!

This principle can be applied to decorations throughout your house.

Using white and silver can bring holiday sparkle without overpowering the space.

Here are some lovely examples of holiday design elements:

This surface is all decked out!

The sparkle of glass combined with silver accents creates a lovely display for the holidays. 

While red and green are typically used for Christmas, and white and blue are often used for Hanukkah, the neutrality of white and silver means they are all-inclusive. This is very important so that your buyers may imagine enjoying their celebrations in your home.

White Mantels

Here are three inspirational mantels decorated with white. Decorations can be classic, contemporary or just playful. 

White ties everything together into a beautiful presentation!

White Is A Small Space Solution

If you decided not to put up a tree in order to maximize your space for visiting buyers, think again before leaving that room bare! 

Having some decoration for the holidays is important to show buyers that they will enjoy a warm, wonderful lifestyle in your house.

It is an important part of staging to sell.

If space is a real concern, consider using white lights to create some festive wall art!

It will brighten the room and give the space an inviting, warm glow.

In this image a few strands of lights create a clever Christmas tree that barely takes any space at all!

White Dining

Dining rooms decorated with white can be very chic. There is no limit to the design style. 

need to sell home fast

Dining rooms may be decorated in contemporary, classic or country within a white theme.

Outdoor Whites

In many parts of the country, a great advantage of white decorations outside is that they blend in with the snow. Here is a lovely example of how white lights that look like snow sculptures can create some subdued winter magic for your house.

An added bonus is that these lights will help buyers find their way when they come to visit at night!

Living in White

Here are three lovely living rooms decorated with white:

must sell house fast

This is a great example of how white decorations can help you. 

This room is lovely and the white decorations do not overpower the room. 

In addition, the clever use of the mirror makes the room look larger and adds more holiday sparkle!

Very elegant!

In the image below, a white color scheme can also be applied to a country-style decor. this room is subdued yet very welcoming.

In this example, white is mixed with beige to create a soft, natural warmth. 

The room is filled with decorations and yet they are not overpowering. 

That is the power of white!

Decorations To Go!

If white decorations really are not your taste, consider using trays to make your decorations portable. You can create one with your favorite colorful heirloom pieces and exchange them for white ones when buyers come to visit. In this way you can enjoy your traditional colorful pieces and still show buyers what your house will look like decorated for the holidays with the more neutral white decorations.

need to sell home fast

Trays and large bowls are wonderful tools!

Above all, the holidays should be celebrated and enjoyed with loved ones. If you start to stress about your house sale, take a moment to remind yourself that if you don't sell now, there's always next spring.

Happy Holidays 

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