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Top 5 Reasons You Need To Sell Your House

Everyone knows that in our modern age, sometimes the family home can become more of a burden than a sanctuary.

It used to be that families would stay in their house for generations. Now, with a national – or even global – economy, that is less often the case. People have become more mobile – especially when drawn to new and better opportunities. Changes to the modern family structure may mean divorce or living apart for professional reasons. Kids are more likely to leave home to find the best education, and not settle for a local one.

So how do you know when it’s the right time to let go of your house?

Top 5 Reasons You Need To Sell Your House

1 Under-used or Empty House

Lately you’re feeling uncomfortable moving through vacant rooms and living in silence. This is a natural progression for most families. Once children have grown and moved out, you may find yourself in a house with several extra bedrooms. It can also happen when you part with your spouse. If you are recently divorced, or your beloved has passed on, it may not take long to realize that maintaining a house on your own can be incredibly demanding.

In addition, there may be features you don’t use. 

Did the kids love to swim, but you have never even stepped into the pool? Do you have a den, family room, bonus room, and billiard room… all to yourself?

It may no longer makes sense to have all this extra space. Utility bills, taxes and other maintenance fees may be keeping you from enjoying your life. 

While it can be difficult to leave the family home, celebrate your time there. Have a party, take some great photos with your family and friends  - and move on to something more suitable.

2 Your House Doesn’t Suit Your New Lifestyle

It was perfect when you bought it, but now there just doesn’t seem to be enough room. Your family grew, you needed to set up a home office for your new business or you have a new hobby that needs more space.

These can all be good reasons why the house you once loved is holding back your growth. 

Something bigger would alleviate the cramped quarters and stress.

Another reason could be a job change. You once lived minutes from your employer, but now find yourself traveling hours to your new job. You could be losing a lot of precious time with your family. A house closer to your work could add as much as a day every week to the time you could spend with your family!

3 There Goes The Neighborhood

It was a pretty and peaceful residential area when you moved in, but over the years the neighborhood has changed. 

Whether is a new highway passing behind your house that is ruining your peace, growing industry that has killed the charm of the area, you find it's just uncomfortable. 

Did your neighborhood transform into something full of absentee owners and uncaring tenants, or has the crime rate increased to the point where you don’t feel your family is safe?

Sometimes when neighborhoods transform in undesirable ways, it's not a good idea to stick around and hope the neighborhood will turn around. It may be better to get out, take the money and run!

4 Remodeling Won’t Work

Sometimes all you need is a new kitchen or bath to fix things. Other times that won’t fix the problem. This is especially true when the house needs a new roof, new floors, foundation repair and renovations to modernize the interior. If your home is already similar in style and condition of some of the priciest homes in the neighborhood, remodeling Won’t get you more money when you sell.

The same is true for a rental property. There is only a certain level of upgrade that you can do for a particular clientele or area. If your property is in an area where tenants routinely trashing the place before leaving, putting in granite counters probably will not attract better, respectful residents.

5 You Can Sell And Not Lose Money

There was a time when most properties sold and made money. Since the housing melt-down in 2007 when a lot of people suddenly owed more than the house was worth, it was no longer a sure thing.

If your property value has increased to the point where you won’t lose money, it might be time to get out. 

Depending on the latest value of the house and the amount of equity, it might be possible to use a realtor. If there is no equity, a seller could sell  as a For Sale By Owner.

If you still are in a position of negative equity, it is possible to arrive at a mutually advantageous arrangement by agreeing to terms. This option is possible even if you don’t have the funds to update and prepare your house for the open market.

If any of these situations is something you are dealing with, we can help.

If you have come to the realization that it is time to move right now to have a better life, but your house isn’t ready for the traditional market, we can help. 

If you are juggling too many responsibilities to sell your house yourself this summer, then there are people who specialize in the sale of properties "as is" - usually within a week to resolve the situation quickly. We have a team of professionals able to assist you immediately.

Contact us for details.

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