Thursday, December 17, 2015

The 12 Colors of the Holidays

One of the joys of the holiday season is decorating. Whether it is traditional family ornaments or the latest trend, holiday decorations add sparkle and magic to the season. They turn family gatherings into something special!


Take a look at how to use color in holiday decorating with a few curated images of what we found to be the best of the season. Enjoy!

christmas-colors-how-to-sell-house-fast-no-agent-need-cash-now-phoenix-az-turn-my-house-to-soldWhite is a favorite for the holidays. It is snowy and elegant and used on its own, makes a lavish statement. 

This is a wonderful way to brighten any room that doesn't receive a lot of sunlight. Choosing this ubiquitous color is a great way to coordinate different items. They say " white goes with everything" and for Christmas decorating, it makes coordination a breeze!

It combines beautifully with silver or gold to create a luxurious look. Trés chic!

christmas-colors-how-to-sell-house-fast-no-agent-need-cash-now-phoenix-az-turn-my-house-to-soldRed is a Christmas favorite. If you are lucky enough to have a head start with red room décor, red ornaments are a no-brainer! 

For an ultra designer look, choose ornaments that complement or match your paint color. If you happen to have some left-over paint you can create your own custom ornaments!

This dining room with classic architecture went bold and geometric with its decoration. The paper snowflakes are both modern in styling, but reminiscent of the paper snowflakes most of us made as children. Dramatic!

christmas-colors-how-to-sell-house-fast-no-agent-need-cash-now-phoenix-az-turn-my-house-to-soldBlue is ever present for Christmas and Hanukkah. It is the magical color of starlit snow. 

For those who have Delft, Flow-Blue or other blue dinnerware, the holidays are a fantastic opportunity to bring out the blue and celebrate!

Notice the delightful blue ornament accents on the chair backs in the image at left. Very festive!

This bold blue table setting would be a delight for any celebration!

christmas-colors-how-to-sell-house-fast-no-agent-need-cash-now-phoenix-az-turn-my-house-to-soldGreen is both a color and a philosophy, suggesting a more natural connection. 

Traditionally the decorations of Yule, where greenery symbolized the continuity of life, green branches of pine, holly and mistletoe lend themselves well to a simpler, more natural decorating style. 

Often used in classic decorating, often combined with red, and Victorian inspired design, these greens are visually pleasing and offer a wonderful natural aroma, too!

Purple may not be a traditional Christmas color, but it can make a visual impact! 

It is reminiscent of the regal robes worn by the Three Wise Men. This mystical combination of blue and red creates a special magic.

Playing off the wall color (in the image at left), this room with a purple theme is stunning, bold and very festive!

christmas-colors-how-to-sell-house-fast-no-agent-need-cash-now-phoenix-az-turn-my-house-to-soldYellow, often mistakenly passed off as gold on some Christmas decorations, may not be a traditional Christmas color but in the American South, this yellow lemon wreath would certainly be a welcome sight to visitors!

Orange is another non-traditional color and quite frankly one we had not considered until this image. 

The rich warmth of the orange ornaments is certainly very welcoming! These ornaments have certainly opened color options for holiday decorating!

christmas-colors-how-to-sell-house-fast-no-agent-need-cash-now-phoenix-az-turn-my-house-to-soldIvory is always a great choice for classical elegance. It has a warmth that stark white can’t offer. 

This table uses shades of ivory, off-white and ecru to create a wonderful, rich and sophisticated setting.

Paired with gold accents it can create a rich holiday look.

Pink is another non-traditional Christmas color, but there is no denying the popularity of "Millennial Pink" in current home fashions. 

This fun tree inspired this post! 

With the all white interior of this space, the pink Christmas tree creates a warm welcoming glow!

Spread the cheer with a hot pink!

Turquoise is often associated with the Southwest, summer and beaches. As a holiday color, it is reminiscent of the blue sky reflected in snowy shadows. 

This stylish mantel combines turquoise with white. Notice how the colors softly reflect and diffuses the turquoise for additional depth and a variety of subtle tones.

Black is an unlikely color for Christmas, but for very modern home or industrial styled spaces, it can be a powerful statement. 

These pretty ornaments would also work well with any color scheme to add depth and variety.

christmas-colors-how-to-sell-house-fast-no-agent-need-cash-now-phoenix-az-turn-my-house-to-soldSilver is a Christmas favorite. Who hasn't heard the classic holiday song Silver and Gold performed by Burl Ives? 

More than tinsel or garlands, silver is a versatile color that works for both modern and traditional settings. 

This pretty mantel decoration in all silver uses a variety of shapes and scale to create a wonderfully festive arrangement.

Gold is the grand master of holiday decorating. It can be paired with any other color to create richness and depth. 

On its own, the warmth of gold adds a magical glow to any space. 

This pretty package uses gold and textured ribbons to create a wonderfully luxurious gift presentation.

While each of these colors can help to create a memorable holiday display, a multi-colored Christmas is sure to please anyone!


We would like to wish you and your loved ones very 

Happy Holidays!

We hope to see you again in the New Year!