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Thanksgiving Tactics

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and the holidays can be very stressful when you are selling your house. Everyone knows that to show a house well, it is supposed to be decluttered, depersonalized and staged. Right?

So what is a homeowner to do when it is time for a family holiday gathering?

Most people will think that when they are selling their house that they should not decorate for guests. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Showing your house well during the holidays can be a very important strategy to get that sale - fast.

It will help buyers imagine throwing a holiday celebration of their own in YOUR surroundings!

Understandably, you hope that this is the last time you will be celebrating in this house. The temptation may be to go “all out.”

But is that the wise choice?



The key to showing your house well during the holidays is not to have decorations overpower the place. You do not want to up-stage your number one asset – your house. Keep the decorations festive, but scaled back so buyers do not have a difficult time seeing the architecture and any other great features that are in your house.

It is important not to have decorations interfere with traffic circulation in and around your property (above left and center). Too much decoration may make it difficult to actually see the condition of the property. In addition, scarecrows as in the photo (above right) may make some people uncomfortable.

These entrances still show a welcoming holiday atmosphere without impeding traffic flow, or visual inspection of the house's exterior. Note the image in the center where pumpkins have been used to boldly show the house numbers. Very clever!


On the inside, it would be better to keep decorations from blocking important features, such as a great view or built-in custom cabinetry like the winerack far right (did you even notice it in the photo far right?) It is best to keep things in proportion to the space. Resist the urge to go vertical - anything above eye level at standing height will interfere with the buyer's view:

While these arrangements are dramatic, it is important to keep the buyer's goals in mind. 

Don't let visiting buyers be distracted by your decorations - when you want them to be dazzled by your house!

Keep It Contained

Instead of placing decorations on every surface – which may be very distracting to visiting buyers – choose selected, defined areas to decorate.

If you have a great foyer, some decorations here will help create a welcoming and festive atmosphere immediately upon entry. It would be the perfect place for a seasonal flower arrangement, some pumpkins or other seasonal decor.

Notice how the arrangement on the left uses a mirror as a base. In this way, the owners can move it for convenience and cleaning.

This is also a great way to keep the arrangement intact if it needs to be stored during a buyer's visit.

Make The Most Of Your Mantel

If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace, the mantel would also be a great place to decorate. It will be out of the way of buyers touring through your house, and will also help to highlight a very important architectural feature.

Wherever you choose to decorate, make sure there is ample space around the holiday items so that it does not feel crowded, or overpower the room.

Thanksgiving is a holiday that every American can identify with, but keep in mind that the buyers that tour your home may not share your faith. 

You may wish to keep more personal items, such as religious symbols and family photos for your own private holiday gathering.

Ninja Tricks

If your house is on the small side, it might be best to keep decorations to a minimum during visits so that your house does not look cramped or crowded. There are some great ways to create portable decorations that you can set out when it is time to do your holiday entertaining.

Use portable decorative items to instantly add holiday cheer. Baskets, trays and other containers can be arranged ahead of time and set out just before your company comes calling.

The benefit of this strategy is that you can display as little or as many decorations as is appropriate for any occasion.

Embrace the Outdoors

If you are fortunate enough to live in a temperate area, consider having your holiday gathering outside. In this way, you can show off your yard as a perfect place for entertaining. You can set up for a large party without impacting the inside of your house.  It will keep your dining room from looking small and overstuffed with additional chairs and accessories.

The secret is to always keep the area set as though guests are just about to arrive.

Buyers may be envious of this great entertaining feature! They will be imagining what it would be like to have a gathering of their own. The longer they linger, the more likely they are talking themselves into buying your house!

Glam It Up!

The holidays are a perfect time to add glamour and excitement to your interior. One great way is to add metallic accessories. Using a few select items is the perfect way to add some sparkle without it becoming overpowering. These glistening elements will add a luxurious touch and catch the buyer's eye.This is a great way to make your furnishings look more expensive on a budget.

A light gilded touch may even make buyers secretly covet your lifestyle and be imagining their own holiday dinner in the room!

Advanced Prep Meets Smart Style

When buyers visit, they may be overwhelmed if you have every last piece of your china, crystal and cutlery along with all your condiments and favors out for your party. 

Look for clever ways to do your holiday preparations in advance, and keep them tucked away. Use trays, baskets and other containers so that you can do your holiday prep in advance and still be able to keep clutter to a minimum for buyers. 

This coffee station set-up not only looks beautiful, but you can keep it stashed until your guests arrive.

Add Sophistication To Your Staging

No matter how many guests you are expecting, use the holidays as an excuse to stage your house with some seasonal decor - especially in the dining room! 

Create a festive mood by putting out place settings in an appropriate number for your space. 

Add a few decorative items and candles. Use sparkle to your advantage! Let buyers think that you will be entertaining very soon. 

Who knows…they may be envious and want your lifestyle!

If you are putting your home on the market yourself, the holidays are a very stressful time. It can be very difficult to balance work and family obligations in addition to the holidays while decluttering, cleaning, packing and repairing your house.

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