Friday, September 18, 2015

Check. Before YOU fall!

Fall is just around the corner!

It is an exciting time when the kids are back in school, the days are getting shorter, the air is getting crisper and the holidays are on the horizon.

In the middle of all that excitement, you have your house. Whether or not you are selling your house this fall, it is important to make sure that it is in good order. A good check-up is a great way to avoid any problems once the bad weather comes. Especially before the snow flies – for you northerners ;)

I have put together my checklist for you so that you can get a jump on things. It covers most regions of North America. Add or delete as needed for your area. The most important thing is that you take some time to do a complete check of your property …before you get too busy, the holidays take over, or it starts to …snow.


  • Inspect the roof. Check shingles, flashing, and eaves. Contact a roofer if needed.
  • Inspect and clean the gutters and downspouts Ensure drainage goes away from your house.
  • Inspect the caulking / weather-stripping. Seal any cracks around doors and windows.
  • Check the foundation for cracks. Repair if needed to avoid moisture penetration.
  • Inspect the siding for any cracks /bricks for loose bricks or mortar.
  • Clean the chimney; check the flue for proper functioning.
  • Inspect storm windows for any broken panes or missing glazing. Make sure they fit well.

The Landscaping

  • Check all paths and walkways for heaving or settling. Repair any gaps or changes in level.
  • Trim trees – cut anything approaching the roof. Make an appointment with a professional for any limbs near power lines.
  • Prune perennial plants and remove any damaged or dying seasonal plants.
  • Store garden hoses and turn off outdoor water.
  • Drain and turn off sprinkler system.
  • Clean and store the mower and other garden tools.
  • Prepare an area to store cord wood.
  • Inspect, clean and store any garden furniture.


Heating Systems

  • Hot water Radiators: lubricate pump and motor. Bleed any air from radiators.
  • Forced Air Heaters - vacuum all grates.
  • Electric baseboards – vacuum all heat exchange surfaces.
  • Furnaces – make an appointment to get them serviced.
  • Thermostats – vacuum sensors and contact points. Check that they are functioning.
  • Replace duct filters
  • Clean the humidifier

Access Points

  • Garage Doors – Clean and lubricate hinges, rollers and tracks. Tighten all screws and bolts.
  • Check doors and windows for proper caulking.
  • Check for drafts at doors or windows. Get plastic insulation kits if needed.


  • Clean away all of summer’s dust and dirt from floors, carpets, drapes and seating.
  • Clean windows. Check window sills for dust and pollution and clean as needed.
  • Clean and store any summer gear for camping or other activities.


  • Vacuum smoke detectors and replace all batteries. Test them to make sure they work.
  • Check fire extinguishers for the servicing date.
  • Check any storm lanterns, battery operated radios for proper functioning.
  • Buy some extra batteries.
  • Check the supply of emergency candles and matches/lighters.
  • Stock up on road salt, sand and shovels.

Here is a printable JPG version. If you would prefer a PDF, contact me with your email address J

Of course, your needs will vary according to your geographic location. Use this list as a starting point and customize as needed. If you regularly do something I have missed, please let me know! 

My goal is to offer The Best Fall Maintenance Checklist available on the internet!

If you are putting your home on the market, proper maintenance is important before listing. If your home is not maintained to the level expected from today’s market, you may have a challenge selling your house fast. If maintenance isn't something you wish to consider right now, we can help.

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Next time we will look at ways to make your master the star of your house!

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