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10 Hot Design Trends for 2015

Housing is subject to and influenced by fashionlike any other industry. Many people flock to those giant expos each year to discover the latest trends and products for the home. But is what you are seeing a fad or is it really the direction home owners are taking?

It’s true that renovations can be incredibly expensive. So which trends will bring you the most value if you are thinking about selling your house? Choosing to incorporate the popular trends will surely make your house stand apart from others for sale in your neighborhood. Here are some of the top trends for 2015.

Open Spaces

Everyone knows the kitchen is the home’s hub and the place where people tend to gather – as a family meal time, at parties or just for daily activities like homework or reviewing bills. Open spaces are highly desired as Millennials look for homes in 2015 – both in traditional condo buildings and single family homes. 

This year’s wrinkle for the open plan is to remove all walls for greater sense of togetherness. Open-plan kitchens are now being designed with fewer upper cabinets, though this depends on the size of the kitchen and available storage alternatives. Design experts recommend going a step further with the idea of openness by adding large windows to better meld interior and exterior space.

This concept of openness also extends to the bathroom. Gone are the days of the small functioning room crammed with fixtures. Home buyers expect a room that is on par with other areas of the house in terms of size and features.

The Return of the White Kitchen

In recent years we have seen tremendous variation in colors and textures for kitchen counters, back-splashes, cabinets, and flooring. This year, the all white kitchen makes its triumphant return. 

Whether the style is contemporary, eclectic, classic or country, the white kitchen plays with a range of finished from matte to a mirror-like shine. 

Appliances can be either white or stainless. Countertops are also white - preferably stone.

As part of this year’s trend, white does not mean all the same white, since variations add depth and visual appeal. White can be stark white to creamy to pale grey, or even a soft blue grey.  

When cabinets are white, bigger, bolder hardware can add visual interest. 

This year’s emphasis is on copper and brass for hardware and fixtures, although the finish is more muted and brushed. From sinks to faucets and light fixtures, these richly colored metals add warmth and interest.

On the right, the domed brass lighting coordinates with the cabinet hardware, faucet, accessories and even the brass detail on the ventilation hood to give this kitchen a completely unified look.

Large sinks, either double or single basin, are a must for any kitchen renovation for 2015.

On the left is an under-mounted country style sink made of copper.

Multiple Master Suites

Multiple master bedroom suites, each with its own adjoining bathroom, offers more privacy and makes a house work better for multiple generations. Having a second suite allows aging parents to stay without impacting the rest of the family’s morning routine. Grown children and out of town guests would also appreciate the convenience. In areas that are popular vacation destinations, this suite may also bring in some additional income as a rental.

Thirst for technology

Home buyers have an increased interest in state of the art web controlled home technology, such as security cameras, temperature monitoring, smart appliances and motion sensors for pets. Newer battery powered models are also easier to install and operate, and don’t require the rewiring of an entire house.

While the demand for separate home office is waning due to more portable technology and WiFi, home owners still need a dedicated space for charging devices, and the most popular locations include an area in the kitchen, entrance, or in some two story plans, a niche near the landing.

This demand will soon extend to electric vehicle charging stations, as EV technology becomes more accessible and popular. Already certain cities require charging stations for new homes, such as Palo Alto, California, which is home to Tesla Motors.

Water conservation

As drought in the southwest continues, concerns are spreading nationwide. Sustainable landscaping is not only economically smart by employing water saving practices, it is should be the goal of every citizen. The availability of modern passive collect ion systems such as rainwater harvesting tanks and cisterns, gray water systems, grasses make this challenge easier.

If you are planning a new landscape design, including drought tolerant plants, and low maintenance ground cover and grass will appeal to buyers – especially former apartment dwellers who are cultivating their own green thumbs.

Indoors, water saving features like low –flow fixtures continue to be in demand.


Quartzite is quickly becoming the hottest kitchen material. 

As a natural stone it has the reputation of being virtually indestructible. It also more closely resembles the more expensive classic—marble—without the drawbacks of staining easily. 

It should not to be confused with quartz, which is a tough, manmade product that is less heat resistant.

Freestanding tubs

Soaking tubs are once again gaining in popularity over showers. This year they will give even walk in showers a run for their money.

A far cry from the utilitarian fiberglass surround standard tub most people think of, today’s free standing tub is large, sculptural and makes a statement.

Ceramic Floors

One of the latest design trends that is still going strong is wood look ceramic tile. It’s less expensive and wears as well as or better than the real thing. 

This material is an excellent choice for high traffic areas such as hallways, and areas exposed to moisture.

Statement making tile is a trend that has been popular since 2014. It is a great way to introduce other hot design trends for 2015, such as geometrics or the color grey. 

Organic geometrics will be popular with hexagons rumored to be the favorite. It is a pattern that lends itself well to technological themes while still echoing the softer image of the honey comb.

Libraries as Decor

In recent years, writing became an integral part of some popular design motifs for clothing as well as home fashion. Now books and libraries have a new place in the home as functional decor. 

Libraries serve multiple purposes, both as an interesting background and to enrich our lives with their content.

The Eyes Have It!

Evoking the look of an eye accented with liner, black window frames replace tired window treatments for a crisp, bold, outlined look. 

Some designers recommend placing a black object in every room to anchor the space. 

Black window frames can do double duty and also really accentuate the view and turn it into something dramatic.

Next week we will take a look at making the most of your curb appeal.

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