Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Check It Once, Check It Twice. Make Sure EVERYTHING Is Nice!

Everyone knows how important it is to clean your house before your sale. Yet everyone has a different idea of what “clean” is.

This week I would like to offer you a check list to help you with your spring cleaning – and your spring sale.

 The Complete Spring Cleaning Checklist

 Check your foundation for cracks
 Inspect siding for any rot or damage
 Power-wash house exterior, drive and sidewalks
 Repair your walkway by patching cracks and replacing loose bricks
 Have your roof checked for any stains or damage
 Clear your gutters of leaves, tree limbs and other debris
 Have your chimney cleaned and inspected by a chimney sweep
 Check caulking around doors and windows
 Wash windows on the inside and out & Replace torn or damaged screens
 Apply weather-stripping to your windows
 Restore your door by polishing hinges and knobs or painting/staining
 Sweep up your porch and repaint railings
 Put out a fresh welcome mat
 Clean and condition your outdoor grill
 Freshen up outdoor furniture by painting or adding new cushions
 Clean outside light fixtures and replace bulbs
 Get your lawnmower tuned up and ready
 Check irrigation systems and timers
 Check garden hoses for dry rot and faucets for possible freeze damage
 Look for signs of pests or infestations and call an exterminator if needed
 Prune branches or remove unhealthy plants
 Plant new flowers and shrubs
 Put down mulch to hide and discourage weeds

Here is a printable sheet:


 Open windows to completely ventilate the house
 Test your air conditioning unit and get a tune up for max energy efficiency
 Clean out any air conditioning window units you may use
 Change smoke and carbon monoxide batteries
 Inspect basement for mold
 Check under sinks for leaks or water damage
 Check water heater for leaks or water damage
 Inspect all tile, grout and seals
 Thoroughly clean out closets
 Organize and clean kitchen cabinets and drawers
 Thoroughly clean out refrigerators, freezers, oven and dish washer
 Dust and clean ceiling fans
 Wash and polish light fixtures and switch plates
 Wash and polish floors
 Deep clean carpets throughout the house
 Clean or replace your furnace filter
 Vacuum and/or polish all furniture
 Clean and store away heavy bedding and linens
 Flip/rotate your mattress
 Wash pillow and dry at highest recommended heat setting
 Wash or air out all curtains and drapes. Clean blinds
 Evaluate other house contents and get rid of clutter

Here is a printable sheet:

Next week we will take a look at some reasons why you might have trouble selling your house.

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